About the Center for Innovation and Sustainability

The Center for Innovation and sustainability (CINNOVA) was established in 2017 under an initiative of the independent International group of former UN experts. The aim of the center is to achieve a new paradigm for civilization and conduct innovative policy development and strategic research for sustainable development measures, reflecting the results of research into political decisions for realizing sustainable development in different areas.

According to the Charter for the Establishment of the Institution, the Center will tackle fundamental challenges to human society, which exists thanks to the bounty of the global natural bounty, and to redefine the values and value systems of our present societies that have resulted in the global social, economic and environmental crisis, in order to create new ways of conducting activities and a new paradigm for civilization. Based on the principles of this new paradigm, new social and economic systems will be built, so that a new era of the global environment can begin. IGES also recognizes that the realization of sustainable development in developing countries is a vital issue for the international community.

The Center for Innovation and sustainability will promote research cooperation with international organizations, governments, local governments, research institutions, business sectors, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and citizens. As well as conducting research, the center will share its research results and also host international conferences and study workshops as well as promoting knowledge sharing through Cinnova open Learning initiative.

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Growing ideas through research networks

The Centre for Innovation and sustainability is a nonprofit educational and research center to promote sustainable development through research networks.  These networks offer an open space for collaboration among scientist, experts, academics and practitioners from different regions especially from developing countries and thereby give encourage research advancements and innovation among the society.

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Innovation for Sustainable Development

CINNOVA is an open platform for sharing knowledge, this means that researchers can create a network – based on their own research interests and ideas – by submitting a proposal to the open global network. The proposal can be in any science field that promotes sustainability and development. Cinnova is highly interdisciplinary and education oriented. Cinnova promotes development projects in different developing countries and it is possible to join ongoing projects from your community and cooperate in different ways. They are multi-stakeholder, often involving the private sector, policymakers as well as civil society.


The Place To Learn And To Prepare For the Future

Cinnova projects intends to complement national research initiatives, as they are exclusively dedicated to cover collaboration activities, such as workshops, conferences, working group meetings, training schools, short-term scientific missions, and dissemination and communication activities.


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