The presence of volunteers and their active participation in the development actions implemented by the Center for Innovation and Sustainability with its local partners fully contribute to the fight against poverty through initiatives that promote the sustainable development of their communities.

The objective is for volunteers to contribute new points of view and capacities that contribute to the progress of the communities. Also, with this program, it is intended that the volunteers become activists who help to spread the importance of sustainable development and care for the environment, based on the knowledge and experience acquired during the development of local projects.

Online Volunteer

Online volunteering allows organizations and people to join anywhere in the world and from any device to cooperate in various projects and initiatives of the Center for Innovation and Sustainability and thus face the challenges to promote sustainable development. Online volunteering is simple, easy and above all: effective since with your contribution it is possible to generate a culture of caring for the environment and better inform about sustainable development opportunities.

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Community Volunteer

Duration: 6 months

  • Two weeks of training at the Innova Sustainable Center in Peru.
  • 3 months of field work, supporting communities in the Peruvian jungle and mountains.
  • Two Week of Visits to ecological and historical centers in Peru,


Aimed at: preferably young people between 22 and 36 years old, although it has no age limit.


Requirements: be a person with sensitivity to issues such as humanitarian aid, cooperation for sustainable development and the environment, independent, autonomous, creative, open to new experiences, willing to face new challenges and with a great capacity for adaptation. With a medium level of Spanish or English.


International Volunteer: 

International volunteers are welcome to the program. The international volunteer program includes a number of destinations that are in accordance with the projects and social programs carry out by the Center for Innovation and Sustainability in the framework of cooperation with its local partners, in different countries of Latin America and Africa, International volunteers can be assigned according to your preference in the destination you want to perform your service. However, in most of the cases involved, we have certain costs to enter the program. As a reference cost in the International Volunteer, the sum of 2,700 US must contribute, which includes training, accommodation and meals in the host Country for a period of 3 weeks, it also includes costs for internal displacement and a tourist week. Does not include insurance, vaccines, corresponding visas. Costs may vary depending on the location and duration of the volunteer program. For more information about current duty stations you can contact to:

The Cinnova Volunteer Program

Email: Volunteers@cinnova.org

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