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The estimated duration of the master’s degree is 1200 hours (75 credits). The credit structure of the Master in Project Management is shown in the following table:

Modules of the Master program in Project Management
Módulos Credits Duration in months Hours
Total 75 24 1200
1st Semester: Design 22 7 352
2nd Semester: Management 20 8 320
3th Semester: Implementation 23 6 368
4th Semester: Final project  & dissertation thesis 10 3 160

Credit structure

In each phase the student must meet the credit requirements established by each university and set by the Master’s degree committee.


Master’s degree award

Once the student has completed his study program and passed all his subjects and dissertation thesis he or she will be evaluated by the evaluation board committee. If the student has fulfilled all the academic, administrative and economic requirements established in the management procedures set by the university or universities for which If you want to obtain the academic degree, the student will obtain the Master’s degree in Project Management.