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July 6, 2020



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PhD in Sustainability Sciences

The Doctor of Sustainability Science program at UNICEPES university offers solid scientific education to achieve the top educational level in the following research specializations.

  • Climate Change
  • Conservation and Restoration of Ecosystems
  • Environmental education
  • Environment Economics and Development
  • Sustainable Management of Natural and Environmental Resources
  • Markets and Socio-Environmental Enterprises
  • Ecosystem Modeling
  • Environmental and Sustainability Policies
  • Water resources
  • Environmental sustainability

The sustainable development approach proposes a new method to solve problems in an integral way while considering the economic, social and environmental implications of development actions, incorporating the vision and action of the different development actors, in the planning and management process, to promote the collaboration of the different disciplines in solving problems facing development and conservation of the environment.

For this reason, studying the relationship between society and territory, based on an analysis of its biophysical, socioeconomic, cultural and political components, is essential to be able to deliver proposals and solutions that are adapted to local and regional peculiarities, it is a matter that deserves special consideration.

In this sense, the management of urban and rural space, as well as the management of the country’s natural resources, cannot continue to be carried out spontaneously and anarchically.

In this context, the Doctorate in Sustainability will contribute to the construction of knowledge in the field of sustainable development, by training high-level researchers, capable of generating innovative knowledge, to contribute to the solution of environmental problems and development according to the national and international reality, which constitute significant contributions to the acquis of universal knowledge in the field of Development Sustainable.

The University of Pan American Center for Higher Education – UNICEPES, is one of the top-ranked universities in Mexico and Latin America, which is committed to academic excellence in study programs, quality teaching, research, and social and human action. UNICEPES, as an Institution of Higher Education, has academic programs incorporated into the National Autonomous University of Mexico and programs with Recognition of Official Validity of Studies of the Ministry of Education, as well as agreements with Universities of Iberoamerica for double degree programs; All its study programs are officially recognized as being part of the national educational system. Likewise, we are associate members of the Mexican Council for Postgraduate Studies (COMEPO), which groups higher education institutions and research centers with the highest quality graduate programs in Mexico.

The online degrees have international validity and are recognized by educational authorities in Mexico accredited by RVOE: MAES080809, Code: D.G.P. 771555.

Key information


24 months


Spanish / English



Reasearch areas:

Climate Change, Conservation and Restoration of Ecosystems, Environmental education, Environment Economics and Development, Sustainable Management of Natural and Environmental Resources, Markets and Socio-Environmental Enterprises, Ecosystem Modeling, Environmental and Sustainability Policies, Water resources, Environmental sustainability




90 credits

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Course Objectives & Learning Outcomes

There is substantial demand for Project management faculty in different areas at universities around the world. Many of our students obtain multiple offers for tenure-track positions, and starting salaries are usually between $100,000 and $200,000, depending on university and specialization. Graduates of our program have obtained positions in prestigious universities throughout the world.


Train high-level researchers, capable of creating innovative knowledge, to contribute to the solution of environmental and development problems in accordance with modern development issues within a national and international context to achieve sustainable development of the community.

Sub Objectives:


  • Study the relationship between society and territory, based on an analysis of its biophysical, socio-economic, cultural and political components in order to be able to deliver proposals and solutions that are tailored to local and regional specificities.


  • Provide theoretical, methodological, and instrumental tools to prepare, implement, systematize, and evaluate sustainable projects, as well as the management of this process.


  • Propose solutions to the problems of sustainable development (human, social, environmental, infrastructure, institutional), through analysis and evaluation with international projection.


  • Incorporate the vision and action of the different development actors in the planning and management process and promote the collaboration of the different disciplines in solving problems faced by development and environmental conservation.

Who is it for?

Doctoral programs have a profile oriented towards professional research and have an excellent academic level and a flexible and tailored curriculum design that allows doctoral students to obtain the necessary preparation within their line of research to respond to the needs that arise from the current challenges of society in every country. Doctoral programs allow a person to study a tailor-made study program in distance learning. This is a training strategy that allows doctoral student to carry out their doctoral studies according to the time and place of their research with the support and presence of tutors and thesis supervisors through new technologies. The curricular design and academic monitoring of the program being studied are supervised by highly experienced academics. The study program is articulated considering the desired line of research, the thesis project to be carried out, the prior training of each person and their interests. There is a Doctorate Secretariat to assist and support application issues, academic monitoring, and general administration of the program. Innovative Training Doctoral programs are supported by major US universities. Latin America and Europe, converging both continents in a continuous and fluid exchange of knowledge between professors and researchers. Furthermore, CEPES transfers its important intellectual and technological capital to enrich the doctoral program with study material, a Virtual Campus, and a network of researchers, professors, and professionals from more than 50 universities and organizations.

Duration, credit structure, and academic degree

The estimated duration of the Doctorate program is 1200 hours, 75 credits, 2 years (1 credit = 16 hrs.). Distributed in the following phases:




Phase 1: Tutoring



Phase 2: Teaching



Phase 3: Research



Phase 4: Doctoral Thesis







Credit structure

In each phase the student must meet the credit requirements established by each university and set by the Doctorate Committee.


Phd award

Once the student has completed his study program and passed all his subjects and doctoral thesis he or she will be evaluated by the evaluation board committee. If the student has fulfilled all the academic, administrative, and economic requirements established in the management procedures set by the university or universities for which you want to obtain the academic degree, then the student will obtain a degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Project management.

Admission requirements

Mexican nationals

  • CURP
  • Acta de Nacimiento (copia legible)
  • Copia Certificada ante notario público de Grado de Maestría
  • Copia Certificada ante notario público de Cédula Profesional
  • Copia Certificada ante notario público de Certificado de Estudios de Licenciatura o Ingeniería.
  • C.V. actualizado
  • Carta de Exposición de Motivos de ingreso firmada
  • Propuesta de Investigación
  • Solicitud de inscripción
  • Solicitud de beca
  • Fotografía Digital en formato .jpg (vestimenta formal, sobre un fondo blanco liso y con el rostro despejado).

International students

  • Citizenship card
  • Birth Registration (legible copy)
  • Certified copies of a Master’s Degree.
  • Certified Copy or Apostilled of Professional Card (if issued in the country of origin).
  • Updated Resume
  • Motivation letter
  • Research proposal
  • Enrollment Request
  • Scholarship Application (only to those who meet scholarship criteria)
  • Digital Photography in .jpg format (formal dress, on a plain white background and with a clear face)

Phase 1: Tutoring

  • Duration: 128 hours.
  • Aim: Guide to define the topic of the thesis, objectives, hypotheses and methodology.
  • Work plan: With the support of a tutor, prepare the proposal for the doctoral thesis outline.

Phase 2: Teaching

  • Duration: 432 hours.
  • Aim: Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to provide solutions that contribute to human, scientific, and technological development in the research line of the doctoral student.
  • Work plan: Take a series of subjects defined at a distance according to previous studies and the subject of the thesis. In this phase, the doctoral student must take Subjects appropriate to the chosen thesis topic.

Phase 3: Research

Duration: 384 hours.

Aim: To prepare the doctoral thesis project.

Work plan: With the support of the Thesis Director, carry out research work leading to the completion of the project.

Phase 4: Doctoral Thesis

  • Duration: 256 hours.
  • Aim: To write the doctoral thesis work.
  • Work plan: Under the supervision of the Thesis Director will carry out the research: analysis and results achieved.
  • Application Processing Fee:  950 USD
  • Tuition Fee: 8,000 USD all the program
  • Cinnova offer scholarships for this program, review eligibility criteria before to apply for scholarships.
  • This program allows monthly instalment payment.

The award of the scholarship below is based on application selection results. Only applicants that are accepted for enrolment in the program can be considered as candidates for the scholarship. There is no separate application form for the scholarship as it is a part of the online application for admission. Interested applicants must provide necessary information and documents for the scholarship together with the required documents for admission to the MSc degree programme.

Scholarships provided through the Center  For sustainable Innovation “CINNOVA”


Cinnova provides up to 50% tuition fee scholarship for postgraduate courses.

The discount equals 50% off the full course cost. The discount will be applied at the start of the course for  Online & Part-time students.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Applicants must be from developing countries* who can demonstrate a need for financial assistance.
  2. Applicants who are currently living in Mexico and Peru under a working visa are NOT eligible for the scholarship.
  3. Applicants who want to pursue a second post graduate degree at Cinnova are not eligible for the scholarship.

*Developing countries included in the latest OECD DAC list.

Those who wish to apply for a Scholarship should contact the Admissions Office through this mail:

Application deadlines:

02 May 2020, Classes start 18 May 2020                   Online application form >>

01 August 2020, Classes start 17 August 2020          Online application form  >>

31 October 2020, Classes start 16 November 2020   Online application form >>

The Center for Innovation and Sustainability
Admissions Office for Online education
Andromeda MzB, Block 20
Tel.: +51 64241807
Whatsapp:  +51 988041893


Salazar Norte # 26, Col. Cuauhtémoc, C.P. 61506
Heroica Zitácuaro
Michoacán, MX

Is financial aid available?

Yes, The Center for Innovation and sustainability provides financial aid to learners who cannot afford the fee. Apply for it by submitting your scholarship aplication to the program´s manager for evaluation.

How can I apply for a CINNOVA scholarship?

During admission selection process, outstanding applicants from developing countries with financial need will be automatically considered as candidates for the award of the CINNOVA scholarship. Thus, no separate application is necessary.

What is the status of the master’s programme at UNICEPES?

The master’s programme at UNICEPES officially recognised as a national institution of higher education by the Secretary of Public Education of the  Ministry of Education,  of Mexico. In addition, UNICEPES postgraduate degree programs were accredited by the National Institution for  the Official Recognition of Studies (REVOE) of the federal and national government in Mexico.

Do I need any professional experience in order to apply for the programme?

Our program does not require professional experience.

Is the programme offered in Spanish or English?

The Master program is ofered both in Spanish and English languages, but you should demostrate proficiency in the language of the program you will register.

Do I need to have a bachelor’s degree in a certain field?

Interested applicants should have a bachelor’s degree in a field related to the program.


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