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Grants and Scholarships

The award of financial aid and scholarship is based on application selection results. Only applicants that are accepted for enrolment in the program can be considered as candidates for the scholarship. There is a separate application form for the scholarship but both have to be submitted in your application the online application for admission. Interested applicants must provide necessary information and documents for the scholarship together with the required documents for admission to the postgraduate degrees program.

Scholarships provided through the Center  For sustainable Innovation “CINNOVA”


Cinnova provides a scholarship to postgraduate students from developing countries.

The scholarships may cover  tuition fees and most of the cost of a given program but often the admission fees and other costs related to accreditation and degree registrations are not included.

Once a student receives confirmation of the scholarship awarded, the discount will be applied at the start of the Online program.

Some On-campus and Part-time programs may not be covered by the Cinnova scholarship and grants. Ask your enrollment advisor for more information.

Scholarships offered by Cinnova is aimed to cover only tuition fees, this financial assistance does not cover Living, accommodations, and transportation costs.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Applicants must be from developing countries* who can demonstrate a need for financial assistance.
  2. Applicants who are currently living in Mexico under a working visa are NOT eligible for the scholarship.
  3. Applicants who want to pursue a second post-graduate degree at Cinnova are not eligible for the scholarship.

*Developing countries included in the latest OECD DAC list.

Those who wish to apply for a Scholarship should fill the registration form and submit to the Admissions Office through this mail: